Client Testimonials

"I had a vision for my 4,000 + square foot home and also for my office and business studio, but I wasn’t able to put my vision into reality. I asked Tarra Vizenor, Interior Designer, for professional help, and not only was she terrific at giving me the colors to match my vision, but she also prevented me from making some very expensive furniture mistakes. Tarra also helped me decide the placement of furniture, and also explained to me why some decorator items would work and why others wouldn’t. This took away all the stress of making some incorrect decisions. She was able to grasp my thoughts and put them into reality and gave me all the right furniture choices to buy that went with the vision. Tarra is truly an expert in her field, however, I was relieved and grateful to discover that for all her education and background, Tarra’s fees are very affordable. My family and I love our house, and Tarra has made it into a home which we often receive compliments on. We are extremely happy with Tarra’s expertise as an Interior Planner and Designer. We will use her services again and recommend her to our friends and also business owners."

Judi Padgett-Creed
Owner CPF Health Solutions.
Murrieta, Ca
(951) 677 9647


"My project.…to redecorate my front door entry area and living room. I wanted the initial visual of my double door entry and large living room area to feel beautifully connected, one flowing into the other, as if they were one large room. I had purchased furniture for these areas 3 years ago when we designed and built our custom Lindal Cedar Home, but now realized the look just didn’t work. Tarra Vizenor to the rescue!

I gave Tarra my budget. I wanted practical, comfortable, attractive furniture that would serve my needs for the next 5 – 7 years. I wanted to open up the living room, making it visually and physically more spacious. I asked Tarra to use her extensive design skills to create seating and ambience that incorporated my existing color scheme and overall feel of the home.

Tarra far exceeded my expectations. She listened, she guided, she brought samples for viewing, she took great care to match my existing wall and carpet colors, she delivered on time, and she stayed on budget (we did go over a bit but that’s because my husband was so delighted with the look, he wanted to add a hallway runner).

I would use Tarra again in a heartbeat and will again when I am ready to add window treatments in my kitchen and dining room. She is warm, gracious, talented, artistic, great to work with and will deliver your dream design. She made my re decorating project seem effortless and it was really fun."

Martha Sanford
Rainbow, Ca


"I met Tarra 3 years ago when she joined a BNI chapter that I was a part of. Over those 3 years I have had the opportunity to get to know her and I have found out that she is truly passionate and talented in her interior design business. 
Recently I had the opportunity to work with her in redoing my office. Prior to working with Tarra my office was a mish mosh of banquet tables and plastic bins of all kinds and sizes with blank white walls. I didn't have the storage that I needed and it definitely was not inviting. 
After working with Tarra in redoing my office it now has color on the wall, lots of light and a great layout and lots of storage. I actually have more floor space now to move around in my office than I ever thought I would have. Tarra was spot on with my style and understanding my needs. 
I would always feel confident with anyone that I would refer to her that she would do a fabulous job for them. Tarra is ethical and reliable."

Julie Weber-Grice
Owner of Sew in Love
Murrieta, Ca


"I have had the pleasure of working with Tarra on two separate occasions.  She willingly and very generously shared her design talents to help me select fabric and drapery hardware that reflected my personality and the ambiance of our home.  We looked forward to seeing her and she always went out of her way to spend personal time with my family while maintaining a balance of professionalism.  She worked with me for as long as it took to get each window treatment to a standard that matched our vision.  There was one instance when the treatment just wasn't right.  Without hesitation she went back to the manufacturers to have it redone at no additional cost.  Tarra is talented, warm, dependable and extremely fair.  I trust her judgement and always knew that she would give me price options that fit my budget.  I wouldn't hesitate to illicit her services in the future or recommend her to my friends.  I know she will be successful in any undertaking.  Thank you..."

Francie Zarate
Murrieta, Ca